Help women in Haiti have access to urgent obstetric care to prevent maternal deaths related to childbirth 
Join us and fight against avoidable and unfair women deaths for every woman's life counts

Lutane is 37 years old, and death has always been part of her sad life.  First her mother, then her husband. 

This pregnancy, she had to face it alone. 
On June 3th, 2020, this poor lady gave birth at Hopital Notre Dame S.A. to a wonderful little boy. With no family member,  no money, her admission to delivery room should have been refused.  But, touched by her vibrant vulnerability, our medical staff lavished on her, with love and respect, all the necessary care she needed. 

Miraculously, for the first time in Lutane's life, the story ended up happily, and this mother of two was able to give birth in the best possible medical conditions.
Thanks to the care she was able to receive during her delivery at Hopital Notre Dame S.A. Lutane and her baby are now in good health and both have been discharged from hospital.
On behalf of all the Lutanes who come everyday to our doors without resources, we ask you to contribute so we can keep providing free quality health care to those poor Haitian pregnant women and newborn babies.
Hopital Notre Dame Foundation is in urgent need for financial aid to support hundreds thousands of poor mothers.

With $200 you can save the life of a pregnant Haitian woman from life threatening complications.

Meet Rikensy, born on October 17, 2019 in severe respiratory distress. Despite their low economic means, mom and baby boy have received necessary medical care. Thanks to generous hearts they are both out of danger. 
You have the power to make a change
So be God's chosen one and contribute $20 monthly to save a mother's life therefore  prevent several children from being orphans
Every 2 minutes a woman dies from complications related to childbirth